Our Assembly Operations are state-of-the-art.  Our very experienced team can handle even the most complex assemblies.  

We are a Lean Six Sigma organization which practices business management strategies that create a special infrastructure of experts.  

By utilizing automated, semi-automated and hand assembly processes, our assembly department can handle over 100,000 packages per day.  We assemble both media and non-media related items.

Both full-time and an expandable part-time workforce allows us to meet high-volume, quick turn around customer needs.

Our Assembly Services Include:

  • Automated and hand assembly
  • Semi-automated collation, sorting, insertion and shrink-wrap
  • Box assembly
  • Kit fulfillment
  • Folding and gluing
  • Labeling and tabbing
  • Collation of advertising materials
  • Serial numbers and bar-codes
  • Poly-bagging
  • Insertion of jewel cases, manuals and fliers
  • Application of wafer seals and Velcro buttons

What can be imagined - "Can Be Assembled"

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